Hedge Apple Tree in Fog

How is it possible that I have a computer that fits in my pocket, that also is a good digital camera? It doesn’t seem like that long ago that a pocket camera was a 110-Film-format piece of junk. Now we have phones that have a tiny, 8-megapixel sensor just 5mm wide, yet still yield beautiful pictures blown up to 11×14 inches. We live in amazing times!

Hedge Apple Tree in Fog | Apple iPhone 4S @ 1/120 sec., ISO 64
Hedge Apple Tree in Fog | Apple iPhone 4S @ 1/120 sec., ISO 64

I need to take advantage of having such power in my pocket more. It’s so great to have a high-quality point and shoot camera with me everywhere I go. These Hedge Apple Trees at our neighborhood park have a great look to them, and the fog helped isolate this one for me a couple months ago. I converted it to black and white in Lightroom 4.

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3 Responses to “Hedge Apple Tree in Fog”

  1. Marly

    Yes you do need to take more photos with that handy pocket camera. Beautiful!

  2. Chris Rusnak

    Love this one!

    • shawnb

      Thanks Chris! I should be getting my new iPhone 5S any day now, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much better the camera is. 🙂


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